Monmouth PA History: A Glimpse into our Leadership

The Physician Assistant profession has been around for 49 years challenging years.  Becoming acknowledged by fellow health care professionals, the government and even the general public has been an uphill battle.  But it was with great leaders that our profession has flourished into what it is today.

The Monmouth PA program became a reality in 2012 when our program director Dr. Carol Biscardi stepped up to the helm of the program and has since developed the program into something New Jersey should be extremely proud of.

But knowing where you are going can’t be identified unless you reflect on where you have been.  Dr. Carol Biscardi grew up in Queens, New York and attended The United States Public Health Services Hospital PA program and received her certificate in 1981.  Dr. Biscardi also has a Masters of Science degree in Pharmacotherapeutics as well as a PhD in Health Sciences.  Since receiving her certificate Dr. Biscardi has practiced medicine in Surgery and Pediatrics and also spent time as a medical research associate, technical service manager and writer.

In addition to her clinical work Dr. Biscardi began her teaching career at the Rutgers University PA program in 1986 and hasn’t look back.  In 1996, she began working at the Seton Hall University PA program and was a integral member in beginning the program.  She worked her way up within the program starting as a professor, then becoming the department chair and before coming to Monmouth she served as the Associate Dean.

Dr. Biscardi is not only a brilliant woman who has accomplished many things but she is also kind, patient, and caring, and always willing to help in any way she can. As Director of the Monmouth PA Program, she has shown that it takes more than intelligence to excel in her position. With her open door policy, and always available to lend a listening ear, Dr. Biscardi has provided her students with reassurance and full support to help each of her students become proficient PAs.

On the 49th PA day we are grateful to have Dr. Biscardi and for her hard work to allow the classes of 2017, 2018 and 2019 to learn to be the best providers we can be!  Happy PA Day!




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